Personal Life & Family

Anybody who has met Dr Gurava Reddy, or has ever heard of him, would know one thing for sure – his penchant for humour. A colourful personality with an animated grin and a great artiste is what defines him. And his life is humorously dramatic as well!

He was born in Guntur, and the interesting thing about his birth is the rickshaw he was born in. It was a rainy day, and the rickshaw’s punctured tyre was the added drama to his arrival!

His Parents and Siblings

His father is Prof. A. Satyanarayana Reddy, a professor of agricultural sciences and his mother is Mrs. Rajyalaxmi. Dr. Gurava Reddy has two brothers.

His journey from an individual to an institution

It all started with a little wish of wanting to have tube lights in his house, and it went on till he grew into what we all know him as today. His inspiration to become a doctor was a tube light which fascinated him when he visited a doctor’s clinic. He struggled through and completed his MBBS from Guntur Medical College, now with the desire to grow bigger.

He then met his wife during a gathering at a common relative’s place, and his journey took an interesting turn into a tale to tell many. Luckily enough, the marriage was announced, and he took his plans ahead. His wife Mrs. Bhavani has always been a support and was the girl who nurtured his goal.

Dr. Reddy believed that being brash is the best way to become a successful entrepreneur and chose to walk alone watching people follow him. He quotes a famous saying in Hindi: “Mai akela hi chala tha janib – e – manzil, magar log sath aate gaye aur kaarvan banta gaya.” He started Sunshine Hospitals in 2009 and there was no looking back. Today, the hospital has four branches in Telangana and one in Bhubaneshwar.

His Children

Dr. Gurava Reddy has two children: Dr. Adarsh, an Orthopaedic Surgeon and Dr. Kavya, who is pursuing her MD in General Medicine. Both of them have inherited all the humour that their father has, and that’s what makes life a ‘ride to remember’.

Dr Gurava Reddy as an artiste

In all the hustle bustle of life, it is inevitable that most get into a race of earning to live. It is all about what choices we make. Dr. Gurava Reddy always chose to connect with the hidden him. He acts, writes, plays the piano, plays tennis and believes that poetry, nature, and romance are what everyone lives for. A positive lifestyle with optimism and gratitude makes life much easier to live.