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Dil Se Interview With Anjali

Posted By: Dr Gurava Reddy
Watch Dr. A.V. Gurava Reddy in a candid, heart-to-heart interview on Medicine, Unemployment, Chiranjeevi and more with Anjali on her show 'Dil Se'.

Mani Gaadi Viluva

Posted By: Dr Gurava Reddy
My son, Adarsh, who is a movie buff has produced another movie which is both relevant and heart touching #ManiGaadiViluva #ShortFilm #FilmMaker #Movie

‘Linking’ Innovation and Medicine

Posted By: Dr Gurava Reddy
As a global designer for link (Hamburg Germany), It was a learning experience to do cadaver work shop with the newly designed revision total knee instruments in Barcelona #Link #CadaverWorkshop #TKR #DrGuravaReddy #SunshineHospitals

Understanding Your Knee: FAQs

Posted By: Dr Gurava Reddy
As young teenagers, we aspire to achieve many things in life. We want to grow up fast, finish our education, go work and be successful in life. In a bid to leapfrog others and do …

Sunshine Hospitals: A Home Away From Home!

Posted By: Dr Gurava Reddy
Who said hospitals are depressing? At Sunshine Hospitals, we function like a family; it's never about working for Dr Gurava Reddy, it's always about working together to achieve best results.  Right from the doctors and …

Music: A Complete Detox

Posted By: Dr. Gurava Reddy
As a doctor, I spend most of my time in the operation theatre, relieving people of pain and problems. It’s important for me to find a detox that will help me refresh myself and gear …